Render it visible

A prerequisite for understanding the problem of disinformation is an understanding of the infrastructure over which it is disseminated.

You can ask just about anyone how the postcard that you sent them arrived in their mailbox and they would be able to give you a relatively coherent description […] They would be able to describe things for instance like postcodes […] but if you ask the same person how the email that you sent them arrived in their inbox, they would be reaching for magic realism at best […]
People will – children especially will know more as to how a flower works or how the Solar System is actually laid out than they do an infrastrcutrure that they depend upon – and that is something that those that provide us that infrastructure would prefer. There is a tremendous economic and political advantage to infrastructural ingnorance.
Julian Oliver interviewed by James Bridle for New Ways of Seeing: Invisible Networks. First broadcast 17 April 2019, BBC Radio 4.