Sounding Democracy


Podcast series, public audio archive and sound installation developed for IWM Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen / Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, IHEID Geneva, and other partners from academia, art and media activist initiatives. The project seeks to articulate a very broad range of questions that arise around sound and democracy, including the use of sound to demarcate or discipline territory, sonic surveillance and forensic listening, the evolution of protest music, democratic compositional practices, silence and silencing as a political act, rhetoric and discursive practices, frameworks for deliberation, and the legitimacy of synthetic voices. Podcasts will feature interviews with leading artists, activists and academics. The audio archive will be built on the open platform and include public submissions across the range of topics, together with commissioned works from CMAP/Radio Chicoco (Port Harcourt), Journal Rappé (Dakar) and CAMP (Bombay), among others. The sound installation will be based on an algorithmic traversal and manipulation of the archive, and will be launched at the Vienna Humanities Festival in September 2021.

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Top right image: Port Harcourt Waterfronts Town Hall July 2009, courtesy CMAP.